May 22, 2024

Shrubs we Love for Georgia & Southern Landscapes

After our recent articles, the first covering the best trees to plant in Georgia, and the second listing our favorite flowers & plants for Atlanta, we were asked to share our choices of the best shrubs and bushes for Georgia and other states in the South. We checked in with our top landscape designers who curated a Top Ten List we are calling: Spectacular Shrubs of the South.

In no specific order here are the shrubs and bushes we use to punch up front yard landscapes and to fill in back yard beds. The key to choosing shrubs for your gardens is to use a variety of colors. Create an eye-catching color story to enhance your home’s curb appeal or maybe to distract from a busy intersection or to create a focal point for the area behind your pool. Whatever your reason for adding shrubs to your landscaping, these beauties won’t disappoint!

The Top 10 Spectacular Shrubs of the South

Top Atlanta Shrubs Sunshine Anise
“Sunshine” Anise, Also Called Illicium Parviflorum – Offers Georgians Bright Golden Foliage Year Round
Georgia Shrubs Jade Dystillium
“Jade” Dystillium – A Great 3’ Massing Plant With A Feathery Arching Habit.
Atlanta Landscape Shrub Crimson Fire Loropetalum
“Crimson Fire” Loropetalum – Features Fantastic Burgundy Foliage With Bright Pink Blooms
Favorite Atlanta Shrubs Little-Lime Hydrangea
“Lime-Light” Or The Smaller ”Little-Lime” Hydrangea – With Its Amazing White Blooms Is One Of The Many Hydrangeas At The Atlanta Botanical Garden
Georgia Shrubs Kaleidoscope Abelia
“Kaleidoscope” Abelia – A Member Of The Honeysuckle Family, Abelias Sweeten Your Landscape Design With Yellow Foliage And Fragrant White Blooms.
Atlanta Landscape Shrub Gold Mop Cypress
“Gold Mop” Cypress- Bright Golden Color With Soft Texture Is A Gorgeous Contrast In A Sea Of Green
Georgia Shrubs Variegated Osmanthus
Variegated Osmanthus – Awesome Accent Or Anchor With Bright Golden And Red Foliage&Nbsp;
Georgia Landscape Shrubs Podocarpus
“Pringles” Podocarpus – Easily Pruned To Stay Compact With Distinctive Fern-Like Foliage
Best Atlanta Butterfly Shrubs Pugster Blue Butterfly Bush
“Pugster Blue” Butterfly Bush – Newer Shrub, Compact With Lots Of Striking, Butterfly-Attracting Blue Flowers. &Nbsp;&Nbsp;
Atlanta Top Shrub Frostproof Gardenia
“Frostproof” Gardenia – A List Of Atlanta/Georgia Shrubs Would Not Be Complete With Out This Fragrant White Bloomer

We hope this inspires you if you are looking to brighten up your gardens with some colorful new additions.

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