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Outside Landscape Group’s Legacy Project

Introducing Outside Landscape Group’s 25 year design-build landscape project in Villa Rica, GA.  OLG’s landscape architects and talented installation crew not only transformed the main property into a dream oasis, but FULLY LANDSCAPED TWO ISLANDS!

For the main property, Outside Landscape Group’s architects created a high-end landscape design which includes a luxury pool with a custom-built pergola and patio, hardscapes – driveway, walkways, walls, a raised deck overlooking the lake, lawn installation, gardens, landscape lighting, and irrigation.  We built two bridges so our clients can easily reach the islands and to enable us to fully landscape both islands.

One island’s landscape plan is entertaining-focused with beautiful gardens planted with perennials that thrive in Georgia, a patio with firepit, a lush, green lawn and other high-design touches.  We hope you enjoy this video as much as we enjoyed bringing this project to life.

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Email: info@outsidelandscapegroup.com or call: Outside Landscape Group Lake Martin, AL: 256-794-4725 Outside Landscape Group Atlanta, GA: 770-754-1188.

Full transcript:

Hello this is Rick Kaldrovics owner and founder of Outside Landscape Group. I’m excited to take us through a project today that is one that I would consider our firm’s Legacy project a client allowed us the opportunity for 25 years to bring their property to life it’s an amazing property nearly a th000 acres in size but with all the creativity and the opportunity to do different things on the property it really came to life in the end every time I step foot on this property I’m just amazed to see all the changes that have taken place creating Master plans for clients is like a dream come true as a landscape designer or landscape architect this particular client had interest in designing many different spaces in the landscape areas that they could use and enjoy whether it’s downtime and serenity or to enjoy color throughout the landscape or throughout the seasons from driveways to walkways to color beds and Gardens we really were able to bring this project to life in one complete master plan when we step through a landscape we may wonder why does this feel right and why does it work a good landscape designer is going to bring a project to fruition and think about things in terms of people spaces and how they enjoy each part of the environment that they’re walking through and

experiencing you may not know why you feel comfor able you may not know why it it feels right you may not know why the circulation is not cumbersome but as you walk through a landscape and it all just comes together nicely it’s because there’s good landscape architecture behind it every step of the way we see balance whether it’s materials it’s color it’s plants those things allow us to bring these properties to life and make it feel just right

our clients were proud of the results around all the landscaping and Hardscape that we did around the immediate house the pool the driveway the walkways and Gardens but it didn’t stop there with the vastness of this property the client wanted to take this to the next level there was a 16 acre Lake that was next on the docket to [Music] complete as we departed from the house and we walked through the woods to the lake our client pointed out that we have these two islands out in the middle and we want to find a way to get out to the islands and to be able to landscape them from start to

finish we wanted to have something that uh was really going to be attractive where they could use it year round have play activity area have areas to stroll on Pathways and to sit and enjoy the view to the lake or perhaps a Pao a space where we can have a fire pit and enjoy evenings with the family before we could even start the plan we had to get onto the island the challenge was coming up with a bridge that was sturdy enough to drive equipment and bring material over but also beautiful enough that you can enjoy it for many years to come built with beautiful Brazilian epe Wood and steel the bridges really made a difference on this project it allowed us to experience the landscape from the main island all the way on to each of the islands themselves once we were on the island this is where the fun really began our client wanted to just have a space that they could enjoy a beautiful landscape where they had views of various plants and colors and textures but also a place that they can enjoy and they can visit with family and have a space we called this Camp island in the terms of being able to just simply camp out and enjoy the view and take the entire Lake space in as a designer we’re using plants and Hardscape elements and colors to really bring this what I call a painting to life you could see how we’re using grass and sweeps and flows and we’re putting trees in strategic locations to create walls and canopies with ceiling and when complete it’s not just a pretty picture it’s one that has function and one that the homeowner can use for many years to come moving on to our next Island our client had different interests here he wanted to have an island where he could have his friends and family go out and fish so the challenge was to create different aspects or areas on the island that you could cast freely and really enjoy the space with that we designed the island so you can have flow and circulation so that you can fish as you approach the island you’re immediately going to be intrigued by the view of a rustic fireplace one of the goals was to have a location on the island that we can enjoy overnight I came up with the idea of creating what looked like an old Settler’s Cabin complete with a foundation and some old rustic stone that really gave the fireplace a Timeless look a successful landscape has key ingredients it’s the plant selections that we’re making that are the right plant for the right location you also want to think about how the nature or the the environment is going to react to the landscape in this case we had wildlife in the area things like deer and other animals so we had to use things that were deer friendly and that would last a long time with low maintenance but also introduce lots of color with native plants that will Bloom throughout the season and give us colors with the foliage and the various flowers were very important to make this space successful year round but also have [Music] longevity we would consider this project a success success to our firm is is several different things it’s not just a pretty landscape it’s a landscape that comes together where our client’s dreams really come to fruition this particular project had some unique features with islands and bridges and spaces to fish and enjoy the landscape when all said and done and we can sit back and see the completed project it’s wonderful to see our clients enjoy their space with themselves and their family for many years to come that’s when we know we’ve reached true success in the landscape this project like many of our other client projects include additional phases our last phase included an Overlook deck where we can sit back with a fire pit and enjoy the wooded view we also added some additional Pathways garden art and Outdoor Lighting not all of our projects are of this scale but each of our projects at outside Landscape Group are considered a legacy project that when we’re done and we leave our clients get to enjoy it many years to come

Our Vision & Values Video

When you go to your lake home, do you want to have that ultimate resort feeling? Watch as our founder, Rick Kaldrovics, shares the philosophy of Outside Landscape Group and why we are the team you need to build the yard of your dreams.

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Email: info@outsidelandscapegroup.com or call: Outside Landscape Group Lake Martin, AL: 256-794-4725 Outside Landscape Group Atlanta, GA: 770-754-1188.

Full transcript:

When you go to your Lake home do you want to have that ultimate Resort feeling? Who will be the one call you have to make? You don’t have to call six different contractors, we’re going to develop your project from start to finish we’re in this for you not for us. There are many properties here on the lake that you can drive by in the boat – and you see the house and there’s not one shrub around the foundation . I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that, but coming from that background of knowing what you can have, you know when you can step outside with your cup of coffee in the morning and you could see the hummingbirds you know flying around the massive perennials that that were just planted, or you can create an environment that at night with outdoor lighting just brings your whole property to life where you’re now able to enjoy the property in the evening hours. You’re able to build that fire pit adjacent to the Lake Edge (of Lake Martin) where everyone can go down and spend some time together, roast some marshmallows, and enjoy the sunset lakeside with the fire pit. You can take that lake house living to a whole different level by making some investment on the property. We have been able to bring those projects to life, which makes it special. It’s different than some of the metro (Atlanta) area landscape – we’re doing some really fun resort style landscaping here on the lake. What happens when something’s not going smoothly? What happens when you have a difficult weather situation or the site’s not cooperating? Our philosophy is to have number one, incredible integrity. And, so we as a contractor with integrity, are going to always treat our homeowners with respect and do the right thing. You know, whether it costs us a little bit more money to get it done right, to deliver what we promised, we’re going to deliver – not to try to sweep things under the carpet or come through the back door and charge a little extra here and there. We’re treating their dollars like our own. We’ll have a black and white warranty on our proposals, but I’m a believer, as the owner of the company, that we’re going to stand behind our work even if it’s out of warranty – and I tell clients that all the time. I’m not worried about the the year of warranty that we’re going to provide you on this. If I come back in two years, and it’s something that we did and it’s on us, we’re going to take care of it. So there’s a black and white warranty but there’s definitely an area of gray- and it comes down to doing the right thing. Families and friends gather here. You know we want to be outside and enjoying the environment, and so by adding these auxiliary items to your property at the lake I think it takes your Resort style or your second home living to a whole different experience

Atlanta – The Outside Landscape Experience

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Email: info@outsidelandscapegroup.com or call: Outside Landscape Group Lake Martin, AL: 256-794-4725. Outside Landscape Group Atlanta, GA: 770-754-1188.

Full transcript:

Hello I’m Rick Kaldrovics, president and owner of outside Landscape Group. Outside Landscape Group has been designing and developing residential landscapes in the Atlanta area for the last 16 years. Our staff works closely with our clients to craft every aspect of your property. From the basic planting to a comprehensive estate landscape, we can design and build it all. We can create wonderful curb appeal with a front yard makeover complete with flowing bed lines color or perhaps some custom hardscape giving your home a personal touch. Our creativity and comprehensive construction services can bring your dream backyard to life. Whether it’s an intimate garden full of color, a patio space for entertainment, a lush landscape, or perhaps the look and feel of your very own resort level pool space complete with a cabana. Our success is built on satisfying clients. Homeowners expect good design and quality installation; but what truly sets Outside Landscape Group apart is our experience. Your project will include working with a talented landscape architect to design and develop a well thought out plan for the project. This starts the experience off on the right foot where a scaled drawing allows a client to understand what is planned and our team can be accurate efficient and stay on budget when building it. Once our plans are complete, we move into the installation experience. Our staff will keep you up to date each step of the way. From the minute we arrive on site you will experience the professionalism – with clean trucks and a courteous uniformed crew. Our crews not only provide traditional landscape services but are also skilled masons: we install outdoor lighting, carpentry, and irrigation installation. This one-stop shop approach allows for a seamless and efficient service that is completed on time and in budget. Our hope is that you consider outside Landscape Group for your next project. Let us design and build your landscape with an exceptional experience.

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