February 28, 2024

Which trees are the best to plant in Georgia? Our Top 8 Trees:

Flowering trees and other best tress to plant in Georgia

Our clients often ask us for ideas on which trees & plants will fare best in their yard. This article is focused on some of our tried and true favorite trees that will thrive in much of the South, not just Georgia.

For a quick overview of the trees we are planting this Spring, let’s begin with our top hardwood trees: “Sangria” Nutall Oaks and “Princeton” Elm. Our go-to evergreens: “Green Giant” Arborvitae, “Nellie R. Stevens” Holly, and “Carolina Sapphire” Cypress.  And for flowering trees, we often choose the Saucer Magnolia, “Kousa” Dogwood, and Vitex or Chaste Tree.  

Our Top 2 Hardwood Tree Choices

“Princeton” Elm

We love these trees with their great vase-shaped canopy that won’t take over the yard or house. These are a staple in many Southern landscape designs.

“Princeton” Elms Are Often Part Of Our Atlanta Landscape Plans
“Photo Credit: Arbor Valley

“Sangria” Nutall Oaks

These beauties have a Spring flush with awesome burgundy wine color. You will love these trees when placed in a front yard or as a focal point in your backyard.

“Sangria” Nutall Oaks Are Excellent Georgia Trees
Photo Credit: Select Trees

3 Gorgeous Evergreens that never disappoint

“Green Giant” Arborvitae

Fast growers are great for anchoring a corner or developing a buffer/screen on a side yard or along your backyard.

“Green Giant” Arborvitae A Favorite Tree Of Outside Landscape Group
Photo Credit Fast Growing Trees

“Nellie R. Stevens” Holly 

Neat pyramidal shape, not too big, and full of red winter berries. A good tree to plant in the Spring or Fall.

“Nellie R. Stevens” Holly A Top Tree For Georgia Landscapes
Photos Credit The Spruce &Amp; Fast Growing Trees

“Carolina Sapphire” Cypress

Amazing blue color for the Springtime (and all year). Adds variety to any garden or landscape design.

“Carolina Sapphire” Cypress A Top Tree For Color Variation In Georgia Front Yards
“Photo Credit America’s Gardens Nursery

3 Favorite Flowering Trees – Southern State Show-Stoppers

Saucer Magnolia

A Georgia standout tree! Deciduous, medium height, and full of large Pink/white spring blooms.

Saucer Magnolia A True Georgia Gem Brings Pink Color To Front And Back Yards
Photo Credit Garden Goods Direct

“Kousa” Dogwood

Perfect as a focal point in your front yard – these are very hardy, can take sun, and feature white spring blooms.

“Kousa” Dogwood With Spring Blooms Is A Best Pick For Georgia Gardens
Photo Credit Fast Growing Trees

Vitex or Chaste Tree

Another focal tree for any area of your yard, full of purple/blue blooms, medium-sized OLG landscape favs!

Vitex Or Chaste Tree With Purple Blooms A Best Tree Pick For Front Yard Beauty
Photo Credit&Nbsp;Brand:&Nbsp;Gilbert H. Wild &Amp; Son

These are just a few of the trees we choose for our landscape designs. If you are looking for plant and flower recommendations for Georgia & other Southern states, please read our article: “Our Top 8 Spring Plants & Flowers for the Atlanta Area” with pictures of each. We hope this helps you with your spring tree planning.

Looking for more gardening inspiration? Check out our galleries to see these trees, plants, and others from our recent landscape projects. As always, feel free to call us if you have questions.

Written by Outside Landscape Group, Branches in Atlanta (and cities north) and Lake Martin, Alabama.


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