April 25, 2024

Landscape design for your backyard resort – Should you do it yourself? 

Family splashing in pool for article Landscape Makeover Do It Yourself or Not

Undertaking a backyard landscaping project can be challenging. A full backyard makeover is a big job, made even more complex when planning a resort-style yard with a pool.  Be prepared to manage and schedule each contractor – from the landscape architect and pool installation company to the stonework craftsman, landscape crew, lighting company, irrigation company, and more.  What happens when bad weather means your pool installation is delayed but the landscape installation is scheduled to start right now? Or the whole project is on hold waiting for permits from the town? Managing these details is NOT what you envisioned when dreaming about resort living! 

On the other hand, engaging a landscape design-build firm allows you to step back and let someone else take over the coordination and project management duties.   

Completed Back Yard Resort Project By Outside Landscape Group, Alpharetta Ga
Completed Back Yard Resort Project By Outside Landscape Group, Alpharetta Ga

Rick Kaldrovics, founder of Outside Landscape Group, walks us through their approach to design-build landscaping:

Our staff works closely with our clients to craft every aspect of the landscape project.  After the initial meeting, clients work with a talented landscape architect to design and develop a well thought out plan for the project.  Clients will have a scaled drawing with which to envision the new backyard and, having the project fully detailed down to the final sprinkler head, will know the budget before the work begins. 

When it comes to budget, experience cannot be understated. Costs can quickly inflate if you don’t understand what is needed to complete a project.  Trusts us! 

Once the plans are complete, we move into the installation experience. Our staff will keep you up to date each step of the way. From the minute we arrive on site you will experience professionalism – a plan in place for work to be completed, careful attention to detail, clean trucks, and a courteous uniformed crew.  As a design-build company, our crews not only provide traditional landscape services such as plants and lawn installation, but we also have skilled masons, experienced outdoor lighting and irrigation teams, carpenters, and more. 

This one-stop shop approach is the hallmark of design-build landscaping and a key component of a successful backyard makeover.  Hiring a top landscape firm will provide seamless and efficient service that is completed on time and in budget. 

Rick Kaldrovics Landscape Design
Rick Kaldrovics

As we return to the opening question, “Should you manage a backyard makeover yourself?”, the answer is: “It depends.”   Consider your available time, construction knowledge, project size, and budget.  Meet with individual contractors and with full-service landscape firms. Once you make a decision, either get ready to roll-up your sleeves and dive-in or grab an umbrella-drink and sit back and watch the transformation.   

For design ideas and inspiration, view our gallery and before & after photos. If you have questions or need help with your landscape plans or installation, we would love to help!  Call Outside Landscape Group at 770-754-1188.

Written by Outside Landscape Group.  Contact our Alpharetta branch serving Atlanta and cities north or our Lake Martin, Alabama branch. We look forward to working with you!


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