August 16, 2023

5 Creative Swimming Pool Landscaping Ideas

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As we continue to explore pool design with our blog, we are looking at how pool landscaping can elevate your design. Whether a simple plunge pool or a resort-level backyard oasis, creating the perfect fit for your lifestyle can mean adding design elements to bring the design inspiration to its full potential.  If you are currently in the brainstorming phase, you’ll love these 5 ideas for landscaping the areas near your new swimming pool.

Creating a pool space in the backyard is an investment, and when designed and crafted well, the results are absolutely worth every penny.  Are you ready to tackle your swimming pool landscaping project?   Great!  The professionals at Outside Landscape Group have chosen their top 5 pool designs & pool landscaping concepts, along with images, to help stir up the creative designer in you.

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Do you want family and friends to be blown away when they walk in your backyard? A dramatic pool design with landscaping to match may be for you.

Full Landscape Plan On Lake Martin Included An Elegant Pool With Breathtaking Waterfall And Hot Tub.
Full Landscape Plan On Lake Martin Included An Elegant Pool With Breathtaking Waterfall And Hot Tub.

Homeowners who want an elegant backyard and are considering a more dramatic feel can accomplish this with added landscape lighting and waterfalls. The combination adds excitement both day and night.

Browse through the OLG pool photo gallery, and you’ll see that many clients opt for pool landscape designs that incorporate a waterfall. This provides an excellent touch to your swimming pool area.

For the best, most natural results, it is important to place the waterfall in a setting that looks appropriate.  Professional pool architects are trained to create this concept with artfully sculpted soil, strategically placed boulders, and set in a lush, planted backdrop.

Homeowners absolutely love the sound and the look of moving, running water—why not incorporate that into your backyard?


Do you love resort or spa retreats at the beach or an island vacation?

Do you love palm trees and the cool, relaxing vibe of being in an exotic locale – even if just for a second?

If so, a tropical swimming pool landscape would be a great backyard oasis for you.

Tropical backyard themes typically include hardy palms, natural stone accents, colorful vines, tropical plants, comfortable seating options, a fire pit, a lot of green trees, and large-leafed plants. Dramatic decking can also enhance your tropical backyard retreat.

Tropical Pool Design For Georgia Home


Do you want to relax after a hard, long day of work? Or maybe you want the calming feel of being at an exclusive spa retreat over your weekend.

A peaceful, serene backyard may be just what you need. An irregular-shaped or natural-shaped lounging pool surrounded by comfortable lounge chairs within a private setting can accomplish this goal.

The “lagoon look” is both artistic and functional. Natural swimming pools can incorporate natural materials, such as boulders and stone, deeper blue-colored water, and a more loose, natural look to the landscape. Choose a natural swimming pool surrounded by lush, green gardens and you’ll never want to leave your backyard.

#4 – night swimming inspired pool landscaping

Amazing Night View Of Landscape Lighting By Outside Landscape Group Atlanta
Pool Landscape Lighting Brings Drama To Your Back Yard Pool Setting.

Swimming at night is often a highlight of home entertaining. When you design your pool area focused on night-time use, you will want to think about safety so pool lighting and landscape lighting are essential. But that lighting can also add a nice dramatic touch to your night swim as well as “shining a light” and highlighting other design elements such as waterfalls or ponds. Maybe you want to add a heated spa for a hot tub/jacuzzi soak on a cool night? Finally, including a Fire-pit or fireplaces provides a great spot to dry off after a swim but also adds year-round outdoor entertainment options!

There is nothing like sitting poolside on a cool fall night with a warm fire and a great view. Incorporating well-designed lighting and a fire element is essential to your night-time entertaining, with or without a pool!

#5 – THE ENTERTAINER’S ZONE for outdoor activities, GRILLING, AND chilling!

An entertaining area is essential to any swimming pool space. Many clients choose a swimming pool landscape where swimming and outdoor entertainment are combined.

This concept re-creates your backyard, turning it into an active space fit to meet your entertainment needs with elements such as a natural stone pool slide, putting green, outside kitchen, built-in seating, pergola, deck, and more.

These ideas are the tip of the iceberg.  Working with a pool designer, you may go in a completely new direction or combine any of the features from the list above. 

Written by Outside Landscape Group, Branches in Atlanta (and cities north) and Lake Martin, Alabama.


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