October 10, 2023

10 Reasons to Hire a Landscape Design Company

Atlanta Landscape and Pool design by Outdoor Landscape Company

Are you wondering if you need a professional landscape design company to complete your backyard project?  In many cases, the answer is yes.  Keep reading learn why hiring a professional is usually the best choice!

1. With an Expert, You Benefit from Their Experience & Education

Would you try to install a new home electrical system if you’ve only ever taken one electrical systems class in high school? We hope not! Chances are you would call your local electrician to do the job.

What if your dream backyard entails plans for a saltwater pool, beautiful plants and shrubs, or windy walkways with gardens, sidewalk lighting, fire pit and a pergola? Trying to undertake these projects is a huge commitment with lots of room for error. That is where we come in…  

For example, with a company such as Outside Landscape Group, you would benefit from certified Landscape Architects who have decades of experience in both design and installation.  Professional landscape designers can provide you with a creative vision that is practical and fits into the size and contours of your site. 

2. Professional Landscapers Know How to Avoid Common Pitfalls

Since professional landscape companies have years of experience with a wide variety of great customers, they are familiar with certain designs and ideas. At Outside Landscape Group, we have worked with thousands of customers, gaining hands on experience which is combined with research to gather even more ideas.

Working with our customer to blend their vision with what we know will suit their site, we develop a landscape plan. We understand some backyard spaces cannot have certain features based on architecture, slope of your yard, and other elements. 

Knowing this information can help save you money, time, and effort in the long run.

All in all, with a full-service design to install company planning your project, you aren’t just getting a landscape company, you are hiring a team of consultants that can help you design and implement your own personal backyard sanctuary.

3. Professional Landscapers Can Take a Photo and Turn It into a Reality 

Maybe you have looked at home magazines to help design your backyard. You probably have so many ideas to implement, but how do you logistically accomplish this task the right way? 

Amazing Resort Like Pool With Night View Of Landscape Lighting And Covered Seating Area

Landscape professionals have many years of experience building and designing backyards and front yards. With the depth and experience in landscape development, you can expect to see your wish list items included in a seamless plan that also works with your budget. What felt overwhelming and difficult to put together, now can come to life with ease!

4. Professional Landscapers Can Conceptualize Your Landscaping and Help You Maintain Your Budget

Tackling a huge backyard makeover by yourself is not recommended. You will need to invest many hours of planning and design, not to mention buying or renting the tools to implement your ideas. Hiring a professional ensures they will take care of all of this for you.  Using Outside Landscape Group as an example:

  • When we meet in the beginning to discuss your project(s), we will also talk about your budget. We want to create a beautiful outdoor space for you that also works within your financial expectations.
  • Because Landscape Design & Installation is “what we do” we understand the ever-changing cost of materials. If you are budget-conscious, we can determine how to give you an outdoor paradise without going over your budget.

5. Landscape Experts Are Well-Versed with Your Local Climate

The climate in Southern regions such as Georgia & Alabama is a very important factor when designing your landscaping.  You surely do not want to plant shrubs that will not survive a cold snap or plant shade loving flowers in an area that will end up with full sun as the season progresses.

Another example: If you are considering a Deck or Patio, you need to take into consideration drainage and run off BEFORE installation.  

6. Professional Landscapers Typically Offer a Variety of Services Which Work in Combination to Produce a Beautiful Result

Broadening your options can be a very good thing. When hiring a company to complete your landscaping design, you can also take advantage of all other services they offer.

For instance, Outside Landscape Group offers the following services:

  • Landscape architecture 
  • Landscape installation
  • Pool and spa design
  • Fire pits design & building
  • Front yard landscape design 
  • Landscape lighting
  • Water features
  • Putting greens
  • Irrigation systems
  • Custom carpentry such as arbors, pergolas, & decks

With the combination of any of our services, we know you will absolutely love your brand-new backyard oasis. It’s about more than specific services though. It’s about designing an outdoor lifestyle for you and your family.

7. Professional Landscapers Do the Job Right

Professionals typically have several years of experience, which will benefit you as the homeowner. 

For instance, longevity, landscapes that flourish overtime, are important to homeowners. Engaging experts and professional craftsman will ensure that your project is built properly and put together correctly. 

8. A Professional Should Also Consider Landscape Lighting to Highlight Details at Night Too

Do you want to install beautiful landscape lighting but have no electrical experience or the tools to do the job right (and safely)? Hire a landscape company knowledgeable in planning & installing landscape lighting. A professional will also follow safety precautions as well as considering appearance. 

Amazing Resort Like Pool With Night View Of Landscape Lighting

9. Adding A Pool, Stream, or Pond Can Be a Bigger Project Than It Seems

Do you have a backyard design in mind already, but wondering whether you can also have water features installed? Wondering how extensive of a project this is and if you can afford it?

From fountain installation to waterfalls (and other water installations), some companies have more experience with water features & pool design.  It is a good idea to know what types of specialties a company has before signing the contract. 

10. Decks, Patios, and Porches Are Part of the Landscape Vision Too! 

Have you always wanted a spacious backyard deck or patio, but you don’t know who can build it for you? A professional landscape company like Outside Landscape Group can help you.

In addition to specializing in patios, we have completed various custom carpentry solutions for customers. If you want a stunning custom pergola, deck, pool house, or porch, call us and we will be happy to discuss your options, and help you choose the design that is a perfect fit for your yard!

Written by Outside Landscape Group, Branches in Atlanta (and cities north) and Lake Martin, Alabama.


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